‘Crack your Copy’ Consult

Launch Price: Only £179

Are you finding yourself thinking…

Where are my dream clients at?

Why aren’t they landing in my inbox?

Why aren’t more people buying?

Is something wrong with my product/service?

Or is it just the damn words?

It’s probably the damn words…

And that’s where I come in.

Sometimes, you don’t need a complete overhaul of your current copy (with all the trimmings and price tag to match!)

 Sometimes, you just need a kick-ass copywriter to whizz their beady eyes over it and wave their magic word wand.

Abracadabra… Let’s crack your copy!

How does the Crack your Copy Consult work?

It’s simple!

  • First, we jump on an initial call so you can tell me all the juicy details about your biz and what pieces of copy you’re hoping to spice up
  • Then, I’ll get straight to work on up to 3 pieces of copy, producing a detailed document full of actionable advice that you can implement straight away
  • We’ll hop on a 30-min Q&A call to answer any burning questions you might have and make sure you’re ready to go, go, go!
  • And, I’ll be your copy consult queen for a further 7 days via email for anything that comes up for you in the days that follow…

Sound good?

Becky Stanton (Mindset Coach)

Amy is an incredible copywriter! I am extremely passionate about what I do and I will happily talk about what I do all day every day!! But writing it down to reflect my passion, expertise and excitement is a challenge. I’m so pleased I started working with Amy. She translates my passion, personality and values so beautifully and effectively into website copy. It’s a pleasure to read…and it sounds as if I wrote it myself!! She has a natural talent for writing and she is a pleasure to work with too. Thank you so much Amy, I can’t wait to continue working with you!”


What kind of copy can I put forward for the consult?

Web pages, sales pages, and email sequences are usually filled with the ‘meatiest’ content, so if you want to get bang for your buck, this is the type of copy I’d put forward. You can pass over up to 3 pieces of copy for me to whizz my beady eyes over!

Will you rewrite all my copy?

Not in this package – but, I will provide you with as many snippets of actionable advice as possible so that you can make as big an impact, without investing in a full rewrite.

How will I receive my order?

Our 30-min calls will take place over Zoom and your detailed audit doc will be delivered to you via Google Docs.

What’s the turnaround time?

Depending on your availability, from the initial call to the detailed doc, I can get this back to you in 3 working days.

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